Daniel Liden
Data Scientist

Most recently, Daniel Liden was the Director of Data Analytics at the Guinn Center for Policy Priorities in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this role, he was responsible for conducting data-driven policy analysis and for supporting ongoing research and data analysis at the Guinn Center.

Mr. Liden received his B.A. in the History of Science at the University of Chicago. Following this, he worked for several years for Context Matters, Inc., a data analysis company focused on global pharmaceutical reimbursement policies and data. While working at Context Matters, Mr. Liden wrote extensively about drug pricing and reimbursement practices. He went on to receive an M.S. in Statistics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. His thesis work comprised a simulation-based comparison of statistical tests for heterogeneity of risk difference between patient subgroups in clinical trials.

In 2018, Mr. Liden was a graduate research fellow in the Data Science for the Public Good program at the Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech. Mr. Liden also worked on a variety of projects for for-profit and nonprofit organizations as a statistics and data science consultant.

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Table of Contents Introduction Guinn Center for Policy Priorities Mapping Urban Heat Data Science for the Public Good (DSPG) Introduction Virginia Department of Social Services: Mapping Family Relationships based on Administrative Data United Methodist Foster Services: Factors Impacting Retention of Foster Parents Older Foster Children with Special Needs Army Research Institute: Identifying Factors Impacting Community Embeddedness of Army Installations M.S. Thesis Project: Simulation-based Comparison of Tests for Heterogeneity of Risk Difference Introduction Presentation Code Samples Simulation Functions Introduction This portfolio includes several examples of my work and is intended to highlight several different elements of my knowledge and work experience.
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